Resource Camp - Audio port!

Image of an audio port

It’s Always Fun to Listen to a Song!
Sway your Body! Clap – Along!
Move to the Groove’n Enjoy the Beat!
Catch that Rhythm! Tap those Feet!!

We got songs we think you’ll like!
Just Click On its Name to Listen’n Enjoy!!!


Ready for some action?
Bend over to touch your feet?
Hop like a chimpanzee...maybe????
This peppy song tells you ALL the
actions to do!
Move’n groove to this happy song!


Little baby croc just refuses to eat...
...for a very unusual reason!
He just says ‘NO!’
Mama croc is at her wits end!
How to make Master No say ‘YES!’
Listen to this story-song to find out!


A giraffe with a sore throat? Poor
little thing! Little giraffe is in an odd
situation! Is it because of odd
numbers in descending order?
What has that got to do with the
little giraffe? Listen to the song to
find out!


A tiny seed grows into a mighty tree
with help and care from Mother
A gentle song set to lilting music
traces this journey of that tiny seed
transforming into a strong tree, home
to creatures big and small!