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Sarva Siksha Abhiyan – Tamil Nadu

English grammar rules presented in song form for easy learning, retention and recall, for children at Middle School level in Government schools, through an initiative of Outreach – The School KFI.

‘Fun with English!’ – a pilot project, where learning activities, songs, stories and games, created around a familiar nursery rhyme, made learning English easy.

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ELF Learning Solutions

Creation of content as part of The ELF English Program, using audio-visual medium to introduce English language to children at kindergarten and primary school levels. The content also included songs to make learning an enjoyable process and aid in building a good foundation.

The ELF English Program is widely implemented in schools in NE States, apart from Tamil Nadu, India.

The Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi

Creation of character building value-based stories on qualities such as Respect, Excellence, Courage etc, as the basis for the Mission to develop value - education programmes for children at primary school level across India.

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Songs & CDs Galore!

Songs in English and Tamil created in an audio
format for Headstart School
(Now HLC International!)

Audio CDs Suja’s Songs’n Stories and Minor Notes,
the latter in collaboration with IMC – Tamil Nadu
Chapter! View some of these songs on the

NotesnLines YouTube Channel!
A variety of video CDs and DVDs, both songs &
learning content for ‘Pebbles’, a well-known brand
of Dove Multimedia Pvt Ltd,

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Resource for Educational Institutions

Visits to educational institutions for conducting
workshops and other programs in the following

- Showcasing songs and poems as tools for learning.
- Workshops for effective story-telling
- Conceptualizing, directing and choreographing
thematic stage productions for school functions.
- Activity based sessions to empower young
children to acquire reading skills in English.

Schools visited include:
The School – KFI, Chennai
Sprouts Montessori House of Children, Chennai
Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam, Chennai

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Senthil Public School, Salem & Dharmapuri
Manthan Vidhyashram, Chennai
Learning Tree Montessori School, Chennai

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