Resource Camp - Read a Tale!

A young owlet is in school!
He’s sleeping at night! Tu-whoo – tu-whoo!
His parents know not the reason why!
Oh dear! Tu-whoo - tu-whoo!
A story all parents will relate well!



Tawnia Hoots hopped about nervously on the branch of a mango
tree. She was waiting to be called!
It was night time. The silvery moon was high up in the sky. A soft
breeze gently rustled the leaves and played with her feathers. She
did not feel it at all!
Tawnia was terribly nervous! Why did Madame Hootuu want to see her?
Was it about her little owlet, Shoots? He could be naughty at times!
Tawnia was STILL scared of the steely-eyed Principal of
The Wise Hooters School!
WHY did Madame Hootuu want to see her?
Tawnia worried and worried. She jumped in fright as she heard the
‘Oh – so - familiar TU-WHOO!’ from high up above!
‘Tawnia Hoots! Come to my hole please!’

The Wise Hooters School was located in a huge mango tree inside a small forest. Madame Hootuu had been principal for a long time! Her brown feathers were now gray, but she STILL
looked stern and her hoot was STILL strong!
Tawnia Hoots looked up timidly at her former Principal.
“Good night, Ma’am,” she said nervously. “How are you?”
“Tawnia”, hooted Madame Hootuu sternly, “WHY is Shoots falling asleep in class! He’s forgotten to hoot! His gliding is sloppy! He flaps his wings noisily! HOW can I give my students practical lessons when he scares all the rats away? What is the matter with him?”
‘What?’, replied Tawnia, very surprised. This was news to her! Shoots loved school! He told her ALL he had learnt EVERY morning before going to bed! It didn’t make any sense to her at all! “I don’t know, Ma’am,” she hooted worriedly. “But I will find out!”

Dawn was breaking as Tawnia flew back the thirty-tree distance to her house.
The Hoots lived in an old banyan tree that stood next to a big, old house.
The Hoots had moved into a nice hole in one of its many branches.
Recently a family had moved into the old house! What a racket they made through the day!
Impossible for the Hoots to get a decent day’s sleep! Especially in the middle of the afternoon when sleep was deepest!
Back in their cozy hole, Mr. Hoots was already curled and ready to sleep! Dawn was breaking!
Tawnia Hoots hooted all that Madame Hootuu had said! ‘We’ll sort it out tonight with Shoots,’ said Mr. Hoots.
‘Just check on Shoots before you sleep!’

Tawnia flew down to a lower branch where Shoots had his own hole!
‘I am not a baby anymore!’ Shoots had hooted. ‘I want my own hole!’
When Tawnia peeped into the hole she got a HUGE shock! It was EMPTY!
Her worry suddenly became BIGGER! Where was Shoots??
Tawnia quickly woke up Mr. Hoots.
’Better we fly back to school and search from there!’ said Mr. Hoots.
Quickly the two owls flew back to the forest. Where was Shoots?
Early morning walkers were surprised to see a pair of owls flying about at that time!
’Hey look! – Owls! Two of them!’
‘Owls, now?! Aren’t owls nocturnal?!’

The Hoots searched everywhere! But....they couldn’t find Shoots! Tired and so worried, the Hoots flew back
to the banyan tree and perched on the topmost branch. Where was Shoots?
Strange sounds were heard from the big house as usual!
‘What are those strange sounds?’, Mr. Hoots wondered. Let’s take a look!’
The Hoots glided down to a branch that almost touched the window. Suddenly Tawnia stopped!
‘Look!” she whispered, pointing out with her wing. “Look over there! – Right at the edge of the branch!
It’s Shoots! He’s looking at something!’

The owls hopped over quietly to stand behind Shoots! He was intently looking at a big box!
Bright moving pictures, loud sounds...all coming from that big box! The family was watching the big box too!
’What is that?’ Tawnia asked Mr. Hoots.
‘THAT is called television’ replied Mr. Hoots. Something suddenly clicked in Tawnia’s mind!
‘Oh!’ she hooted softly. I know why Shoots has been falling asleep in school!’
‘Shoots has been watching too much TELEVISION!’

First Publication: Gokulam / 2005