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Sujatha Jaishankar, worked as a faculty in HLC international when it was called Headstart for nearly ten years. She was very creative and engaged the children with a lot of innovative activities all the time. Her language skills are excellent and she loved writing her own songs. She would also set catchy tunes for them so children would take to them quickly.

- Sudha Mahesh, Founder Principal,
HLC International

As part of ELF English, an organization aiming to develop English Language skills for children, Sujatha has created a large number of songs, stories, learning games and storybooks that have enabled thousands of children to learn and enjoy English.

On one hand, Sujatha presents children with things that they find intriguing, like a song about the okapi - an animal not many of us know about, or a story about Vanuatu island having an underwater post office (yes, really!). On the other hand, she has a remarkable way of making even ordinary things seem exciting - like her peppy songs on ice-creams and fruits!

Sujatha's channel, NotesnLines, is a treasure trove for young children to not just learn songs, but to explore the world around them through music. Equipped with a rare mix of understanding children, ability to write great content, and a wonderful voice, Sujatha makes NotesnLines an invaluable resource for parents and educators. We, at ELF English, recommend NotesnLines to all the schools, teachers and parents we work with. With attractive animations and wonderful music, the NotenLines songs and videos will greatly enrich the learning journey of your little ones.

- Chandra Viswanathan, Director, ELF Learning Solutions

Sujatha has played a very critical role in the success journey of Sprouts. She is creative, committed and her calm, happy and child sensitive nature makes her a favourite with adults and children. Most of the songs sung in school have been written by her and she has enriched the school with her creativity in stories, songs, poems, drama and theatre.

- Smita Vishweshwar, Founder Principal,
Sprouts Montessori House of Children

Our association with Sujatha began in 2010 when she created the music for our annual drama production that year. The songs were composed and written to match the theme of the plays, and was so liked by the audience and the children themselves that we have since then requested her to do the same for all our annual productions. Her music is original, fun-filled and energetic. Sujatha is also the author of our School Song. This was a monumental effort by her as it had to embody the values of the school and yet be simple enough to be understood and sung by the children. What emerged from her work was a lovely school song!

- Sudha Narayan, Learning Tree Montessori School

Songs are the best way to increase the vocabulary of children. However the content one finds online usually has repetitive tunes, or uninspiring lyrics. Notesnlines changes all of that. A lot of research, time and love can be seen in the way the songs are written, set to tune and animated. The children I work with enjoy Sujatha ma'am's work tremendously. Wingo flamingo, Homes and Narwhal are demanded by the children every week! One child was even inspired to write down the names of the animal's homes with very little guidance from the teacher. Thank you NotesnLines for bringing to life such beautiful songs!

- Aishwarya Dwarakanath, Prakruthi Montessori House of Children.

NotesnLines – perfect for that downtime with your little toddler or fun Happy time songs with your active older child! The music is lively and hummable. The content is always unique, engaging and keeps curious little minds ever hungry! Looking forward to plenty more from the team.

- Tanya, Parent of a 5 – year old!

The video ‘Boulder to Sand is very nice...well written and composed. Animation is good. A treat to eyes and ears! Also you explained a big concept within minutes! So good!

- ELF Coordinator, RKM Matriculation Higher Secondary School

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